When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam, a consistently popular Southeast Asian country with so much to offer travelers can be a year-round destination, but when is the best time to go, Vietnam is over 1600 kilometers long and experiences diverse weather systems between the north, the Central Coast and the South.

If you’re planning on covering a lot of the country spring from February to April is ideal. With the lowest amount of rainfall across the country and pleasant temperatures, you should be able to experience most of Vietnam ‘

S highlights comfortably in the North. It is warm and dry in spring and ideal to head to suffer Hanoi or halong bay, where the skies are usually clear and the temperatures of warming up supper averages around 16 degrees at this time of the year and halong bay and Hanoi are a lovely 23 And 24 degrees, you will also avoid the rains in hue and Haiyan at this time of year, which are all pleasant and dry with temperatures reaching into the 30s Ho Chi Minh City is enjoyable most of the year and in spring it is dry and hot.

With a balmy average of 30 degrees summer brings the monsoon to several areas of Vietnam in the north. Rainfall is at its peak May to October, and the temperatures are hot and humid. Central Vietnam, Haiyan and NHA trang experienced longer dry seasons through to September so traveling.

Here during this time is hot but not wet, and in the south the rain falls on Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta during summer, but often can only be afternoon downpours temperatures do reach the 40s during this time, so the tropical showers can be welcomed.

Autumn, in September, to October can be extremely pleasant in the north, where sulphur and halong bay once again experience warm and dry days, Hanoi, cools down and dries out. During this time too, the monsoon hits the Central Coast and southern NHA trang from August and September, but are still a warm 30 degrees during the day and in winter some destinations like sapa in the north can actually reach freezing.

While Hanoi and halong bay will average a cool 17 degrees perfect, if you want to avoid heat, and he, but the South remains constantly warm and winter is barmy and around 28 degrees. The Vietnamese New Year’s, celebration of Tet pulls in late January or early February, so it is an extremely popular time to travel and an amazing cultural experience in the middle of winter.

So Vietnam might seem small, but we ‘ Ll have something different to offer all over the country. Take your pick: when will you go? You

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